Very Important Comedy clip: Aditi Mittal on sanitary towels and misogyny

I grew up in a time (and place) where people would claim "women comedians only ever do jokes about periods" and no one would say anything.

Nothing at all. Not even reasonable things, like, "That is in no way true", or "Can you give me an example?" or "Please stop following me".

Women doing period jokes. A baseless claim used to dismiss female comedians in the blink of an eye. And what could the women say? All they had on their side was facts.

So what could be better than a woman doing a bit about periods that is not only hilarious, but offers a fascinating window into the very misogyny that led to such baseless claims – as well as the blanket assumption that menstruation is OBVIOUSLY a no-go area for comedy. (I mean... really, people? Billy Connolly's bit on incontinence pants gains unquestioned legendary status in the canon of British comedy, yet the mere mention of menstruation is "like standing in a Hogwart's corridor and shouting 'Voldemort'?")

"Now they have these ads where these women are doing gymnastics, climbing mountains, fighting a tiger – i'm like 'don't tell them we can do this! one excuse we had!'"