Very Important Comedy clip: Amy Schumer's Last Fuckable Day

"Believe me, no one was more surprised than me that they let me stay fuckable throughout my forties...I thought that US Weekly had made some sort of clerical error."

It's the one year anniversary of the airing of Last Fuckable Day for the first time on Comedy Central, so it seemed like a good one to start with in the Very Important Comedy clip series.

The scene opens with Amy stumbling across Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette in the woods celebrating Julia's "last fuckable day". What follows is a brilliantly observed dialogue on the treatment of women by the media.

One of the things I love about this sketch is how it fights against systematic misogyny simply by pointing it out. Because all you have to do is explain what's happening, and even without much fancy comedic footwork, it sounds hilarious: "You know how Sally Field was Tom Hank's love interest in Punchline and then like 20 minutes later she was his mom in Forrest Gump?" It was actually six years, some pedant might point out...before realising that six years is still a fascinatingly short time to go from believably playing someone's love interest to believably playing the person who spent two years bagging up their poop.