• Spilt Honey, a nonfiction essay about the aftermath of finding my father-in-law dead after a week, was published in DaCunha literary magazine (and later published in their 2019 anthology of the best writing of the year).

  • A very abridged excerpt from my book, a chapter on Día de los Muertos in Mexico, was published in Boundless Literary Magazine along with a Q&A about my process.

  • Another excerpt from my book, about death euphemisms and the ridiculous places death anxiety can take you, on the gorgeous site Death & the Maiden.

  • The Kenyon Review: an interview about my book, This Party’s Dead. "My story is weaved through a much bigger story about how our species deals with a unique problem: we’re going to die, and unlike other animals, we know it."

  • COMING SOON: an essay of mine will be published in the Cruse Bereavement Care Journal.